ISSN: 2462-3547

Infections and malignancies associated with medical therapy on patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Ignacio J. Alfaro, Departamento de Gastroenterología, Hospital Guillermo Grant Benavente; Departamento de Medicina Interna, Facultad de Medicina,Universidad de Concepción. Concepción, Chile

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) has become a global disease with a progressive increased in the prevalence and incidence in the past decades. Treatment has also changed in the past years evolving from steroids and aminosalicylates to an increase in the use of immunosuppressors and biological therapies that have revolution IBD therapy, improving patient’s outcomes. However, some risks are associated with these therapies, mainly an increased number of opportunistic infections and also the appearance of malignancies. The objective of this article is to review the most relevant infections associated to IBD therapies and also the risk of malignancies described in literature. 

Palabras clave: Crohn’s disease. Ulcerative colitis. Immunosuppression. Opportunistic infections. Malignancy.